Five Tips for No-Regret Home Selling

1.  Prepare Yourself Mentally for Selling Your Home

Parting with a home where you’ve spent years of your life can be an emotional experience, even if you’re not normally one to get sentimental.  There are so many memories that take place at home, but it’s important to remember that you don’t loose those memories if you decide that selling your home is your best option.  Selling your home with no regrets starts with mentally preparing yourself for the process, and looking ahead to the memories that you’ll build in your next home.

2.  Price Your Property Based on Market Value

When it comes to the actual process of selling your home, the most common reason for regret is setting a price that’s too far below market value.  Picking the right price is much easier with the help of an experienced real estate agent, who can provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) that shows you what similar properties in the area have sold for recently.  The more you know about your local real estate market, the easier it is to set a price that both meets your goals and makes selling your home possible on your desired timeline.

3.  Know When to Walk Away from a Negotiation

Even if you pick the perfect price, there will always be buyers who send low-ball offers or try to negotiate terms that don’t suit your needs.  Sometimes it’s simply an opening offer which they’ll be willing to revisit, but in other cases, they won’t be willing to budge from a low initial offer.  Being prepared to walk away when the offer isn’t right for your needs may be nerve wracking at the moment, but if you set a competitive price you can walk away from a poor offer with confidence that better offers will eventually come.

4.  Be Ready to Move Right Away

Once you’ve found a deal that’s to your liking, it’s helpful to have a plan in place to be ready to move as soon as the time is right.  Before you get deep into the process of selling your home, start planning for how you’ll move your belongings.  Make sure that your next home is ready for your arrival, and have a list prepared for what you’ll do when you arrive.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to have some fun activities lined up in your new neighborhood, too!

5.  Focus on the Future

While it’s natural to reflect on the time that you spent in the home you’re selling, it’s wise to look to the future, as well.  There will be ample opportunities to create memories in your new home, and your new neighborhood may have exciting attractions that aren’t available in your current neighborhood.  Focusing on the future will help you avoid regret when selling your home, and get you excited about your new location.

Selling your home with no regrets starts with choosing the right price, and knowing when to walk away from a negotiation.  Once you find the right buyer, being prepared for the future is the best way to avoid regrets after closing the deal.

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