4 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Boost Curb Appeal

Your investment property is on the market and the inside looks great, but it’s the little details on the outside that boost curb appeal, drawing more potential buyers and higher bidders. 

You’ve put your investment property on the market and you’ve already got your first showing scheduled.  The inside looks great, but how do you get potential buyers to see it?  The answer is in the little details that boost curb appeal.  Consider these budget-friendly landscaping and exterior cleaning tips to draw potential buyers inside.


The first thing people notice as they approach the house is the landscaping.  A well-kept,  weed-free lawn is a definite must.  Consider stripping the grass as you mow, and water and fertilize as needed.  Prune tree limbs away from doors and window.  Pull all the grass and weeds that pop up between cement layers in the walkways and driveway.  Colorful flowers are perfect attention-getters.  Flowers in hanging baskets and ceramic containers welcome visitors to the front door.


Chipped and faded paint, broken porch railings, loose shutters are all signs of a poorly maintained home.  While you’re at it, add a new coat of paint or stain to shutters, railings, fences and window boxes.


Now that you’ve spruced up the exterior, it’s time to make it sparkle.  A dirty exterior will detract buyers and cleaning it up doesn’t take much time or money.  Power wash the hardscape, fenced areas, siding, porch and any patio furniture. 


Brighten up the outside of the house with energy efficient light fixtures.  Perimeter spotlight, front door luminaries, sidewalk and garden solar sticks aren’t costly, and they’ll make the outside much safer, especially after sunset.  Complete your home’s curb appeal with items such as a new mailbox, bird feeders, ornamental rocks, lanterns, hanging plants or porch swings.

Small improvements and colorful outdoor touches evoke a welcoming, comfortable home.  The added curb appeal will attract more buyers and possibly higher bidders.  Sprucing up the property doesn’t have to bust your bank account.  Instead, it should yield some big returns.

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